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Chemical Distributor and Packager


Thank you for considering Acid Products for your chemical requirements. We know you have a choice when it comes to your chemical purchases - we will do everything possible to earn your business.

Acid Products was started in 1916 but not incorporated until 1953. We are an independent chemical distributor specializing in the packaging and distribution of corrosives and dry chemicals. We also do powder and liquid blending to customer specifications. We are a member of the National Association of Chemical Distributors and adhere to NACD's Responsible Distribution Process. We became ISO certified to the 9001:2000 standard on December 14, 2004. Our goal is to provide you with quality service and competitive pricing. We want to understand and conform to our customer requirements.


  • The word "acid" is derived from the Latin 'acidus', meaning tart or sour.
  • So much sulfuric acid is consumed that it is said that as sulfuric acid sales go, so goes the economy.
  • Concentrated sulfuric acid can be stored in stainless steel but dilute sulfuric will quickly eat through stainless.
  • Mineral acids are nonflammable, but organic acids can burn.
  • The most common organic acid is acetic acid.
  • Hydrofluoric acid dissolves glass, but concentrated HF can be stored in carbon steel tanks.
  • Formic acid occurs naturally in the red ant and stinging nettle.
  • The word "alkali" is Arabic and refers to the ashes of the saltwort and glasswort plants and their aqueous solutions.
  • In medieval times ammonia was prepared by heating the hoofs and horns of animals.
  • Aqua ammonia neutralizes acids but is generally unreactive to most metals.



  • Dry and Liquid Blending
  • Packaging - Drums, Totes, Pails, Bags
  • Lab Testing
  • On time local delivery
  • Bulk Storage
  • Custom Packaging - One Gallon
  • Warehouse and Storage (100,000 Square Feet)
  • Rail Siding
  • Facilities for leasing and storage


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